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Warranty Policy


The products sold by Autopartdeal.com must be assembled and used by a competent person and under his sole responsibility and Autopartdeal.com can in no way be held responsible for the consequences of improper dismantling and assembly, or the use of an unsuitable product on a vehicle and direct or indirect damage caused by a thing or a person


a.  All products marketed by AutoParts.com benefit from:

The manufacturer's warranty (when applicable), the duration of which differs depending on the product and / or the manufacturer.

The processing time is eight weeks on average. No exchange or credit will be issued during the valuation of the part


b.  Autopartdeal.com reminds you that warranties do not cover:

i.   Abnormal use of the product

ii.   Defects and their consequences related to use not in accordance with the use for which the product is intended

iii.   Faults and their consequences linked to any external cause.

iv.   The costs of removing and installing parts sold by Autopartdeal.com. They remain the sole responsibility of the purchaser, including in the event of a defect in the part purchased or in the event of an error in the choice of parts when ordering

v.   Damage resulting from failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions

vi.   Damage caused to the device by fire or explosion, insofar as it originates in property other than the device itself

vii.   Damages involving the liability of a third party or resulting from willful or willful misconduct

viii.   Damage originating from malicious acts or a cause external to the device: shock, fall, theft, lightning, fire, water damage, overvoltage, misuse, handling error, climatic variation, humidity causing corrosion or abnormal heat or all risks covered by comprehensive home insurance

ix.   Devices, whose serial number has been made illegible, altered or removed.

x.   Rubber tires.


c.  Benefiting from the warranty


To benefit from the warranty of a product, it is imperative to provide us with the purchase invoice and to make a return request. In the event of the manufacturer's refusal, certain costs will remain the responsibility of the customer (shipping and return costs, administration costs, expertise costs if applicable) if the latter wishes to recover the part for which the guarantee has been refused. These fees will be payable in advance by credit card. Beyond 45 days, any product not claimed by the customer will automatically become the property of Autopartdeal.com. Once the expertise has been carried out and the warranty has been accepted Autopartdeal.com will exchange or credit the part with a validity of six months. If the product is unavailable or unable to have it repaired, Autopartdeal.com will reimburse the product. Autopartdeal.com cannot be held responsible, towards a customer or a third party, for any indirect damage, any operating loss, profit or turnover that has arisen in any way whatsoever.