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Return Policy


Please note, in order for the return to be accepted, the customer is invited to return the complete products in their original packaging and condition, without any trace of assembly or wear

The deadline period for return is two (2) working days. Thus the customer has a period of two (2) working days to return the product from the receipt time. He informs Autopartdeal.com of his decision to return the product by e-mail. The customer will then receive a return confirmation email including his return document. The customer must return the products within a maximum period of eight (8) working days from the communication of his decision. Subject to the product being returned within this period and in a condition suitable for resale, Autopartdeal.com will reimburse within fourty five (45) days of receipt. Otherwise, Autopartdeal.com reserves the right to refuse the return and send the part back to the customer.


1.  Special cases not eligible for the right of return


a.  Automotive lamps

b.  Oils and other liquids

c.  Products with a seal cannot be returned once unsealed

d.  Discounted items


2.  Return fees


The return costs are the responsibility of the customer. Autopartdeal.com supports the return costs if the return request is linked to an error from Autopartdeal.com (package preparation error, order reversal)

In this case, Customer Service triggers an order to collect the part from one of its carriers. The customer will then be notified by email, the Carrier generally intervening within 72 working hours after the request.

Beyond one year, any Product whose return has been refused by Autopartdeal.com and not claimed by the customer automatically becomes the property of Autopartdeal.com which will be free to proceed with its destruction or its resale


3.  Returned Product Conditions


The Product must imperatively be returned to Autopartdeal.com in a condition suitable for resale, that is to say:

a.  In new and intact condition

b.  Inside its original packaging which must be intact: manufacturer's box not taped, undamaged

c.  With all the accessories that were attached

d.  With its instructions

e.  In perfect working order

f.  No traces of assembly and use


The risks associated with the return of the product falling to the customer, be careful to properly place the parts in the package to avoid any deterioration during transport and to keep the proof of deposit of the return package


4.  Refunds


In case all specified conditions are met, refund is made according to the method of payment used for the initial order or, failing that, by bank transfer within 45 days of receipt of the returned parts or acceptance of the guarantee by the supplier. Bank details will be requested from the customer so that his refund can be processed by the accounting department


The refunded price corresponds to the price actually paid by the customer for the returned items. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer unless he is making a return following an error from Autopartdeal.com In the event of an error in parts (whatever the origin of the error), Autopartdeal.com cannot be held liable, towards a customer or a third party, for any indirect damage, any operating loss, of profit or turnover that has arisen in any way, even if such damage, loss or damage was foreseeable by Autopartdeal.com, or if its eventuality had been brought to its attention. In any case, the customer is reminded that it is their responsibility to visually verify that the part received corresponds to the part to be replaced before any assembly.


5.  Non-accepted refunds


Autopartdeal.com reserves the right to refuse a refund in the following cases:

a.  Product returned in a condition no longer suitable for marketing

b.  Return made out of time

c.  Missing packaging, instructions or accessories

d.  Product returned with trace of assembly, damaged or unsealed

e.  Returned deposit burned, oxidized, broken or incomplete

f.  Guarantee refused


In case of refusal of support, the customer will have the possibility of recovering his article by contacting our customer service within 2 months, from the date on which he was informed of this refusal; the return postage will be borne by the customer and payable in advance by credit card. After this period, any product whose return under warranty has been refused by Autopartdeal.com and not claimed by the customer automatically becomes the property of Autopartdeal.com which will be free to proceed with its destruction.