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What is the OEM code?

 The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) code is a unique reference number corresponding to the manufacturer reference of a spare part. This reference usually appears on your old part. It is this code that you must indicate when looking for a part by reference


What types of products can I find?


 Autopartdeal.com offers a wide range of products related to the automotive industry; our products can be grouped in the following categories:


·         Spare parts


·         Oil and Lubricants


·         Tires and Batteries


·         Tools and Equipment for Service Centers



What types of parts can I find?


 Autopartdeal.com offers a selection of over 50,000,000 auto parts and accessories. Products from more than 90 OEMs are available. The best brands are offered (BOSCH, Valeo, Castrol, SKF, TRW, Monroe, Contitech, Luk, Purflux, Magneti-Marelli, etc…). As well as new original parts from more than 50 car manufacturers (Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Audi, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, etc…).



How can I find a Spare Part


 Check our detailed answer in the “For New Clients” section at the following link: https://www.autopartdeal.com/how-to-search-part/



Do I need to register for making an order?


 To make an order, registration is required. In your account, you can view your order history



How can I register?


 To register, go to the registration section (in the upper right corner) and fill in the blank fields with personal information. Before registering on the site, please review the terms and agreement. Enter the desired login, e-mail address, address and mobile phone number, so that the customer service could contact you if necessary



How can I place an order?


 Check our detailed answer in the “How To Place an Order” section at the following link: https://www.autopartdeal.com/how-to-order/



How can I pay for my order?


 When pressing "Place the Order", you will be redirected to “Payment and order processing”. Click on “Pay Order Online to proceed with the payment. After paying for the order, you will receive an invoice by e-mail confirming the successful conclusion of the transaction.



How can I return a product?


 Please check our return policy in the “Company” field on the following link: https://www.autopartdeal.com/Return_Policy/



Is there any warranty on the products?


 Please check our Warranty policy in the “Company” field on the following link: https://www.autopartdeal.com/Warranty_Policy/



I added a product to the shopping cart, but at the payment step, it was missing. Why?


 It is because the part is reserved only if Autopartdeal.com has received the payment notification. If payment has not been made yet the part can be sold at any time



Why doesn’t the ordered product look like the photo in the catalog?


 The photos in our catalog are only of illustrative nature and therefore may differ from the actual external appearance of the products.